Monday, July 27, 2009

Starks x DJ Clark Kent x Nike Air

A shoe involving Starks, DJ Clark Kent and Nike Sportswear and created as part of the 2009 NBA All-Star game, the two-shoe pack (white | black) dropped earlier this year. The insoles feature the lyric “…Or you got a wicked jumpshot” split between the two insoles. Unfortunately these won’t ever release on a general scale.

Wale- Pretty girls [Ft. Gucci Mane]

Download here.

J.Cole Interview

I wont Stop showin my dude J. Cole love, Learn About him..

Run This Town

Download Link is down, but Ill get u dudes tmrw..

A.P.C. Fall 09' LookBook

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Blueprint 3


Hov talks about the Blueprint 3 album wit DJ Semtex. Fuck the Game. Blueprint is gna be straight FIRE.

ALIFE Rivington Club: Organic Sports

Flipping a series of familiar logos from the world of Major League Baseball, Alife Rivington Club drop their latest selection of organic t-shirts. With some inspirations coming courtesy of the LA Dodgers and NY Yankees, the tees are available now at the A.R.C. Sports Store.

Ma$e & The Diamonds Remix?

Teairra Mari and Kanye just dropped off a new remix to their song "Diamonds". Ma$e gives a guest appearance and kills the track on sum smooth shit..haha

Download the track here.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wale x Tony Toca

Wale spits on Tony Toca Tuesdays.

Maybach Music 2.5

Pretty ill Remix.

Download: Maybach Music 2.5- Rick Ross Ft. Fab, PushaT, Birdshit.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Nom De Guerre for Adidas

Throw It In the Bag

Fab and Drizzy goin' in togetha on the "Throw it in the Bag" remix..Shits hott.

Peep here.

Jigga ya' heard

With the new single comin out "Run this town", Jigga-man speaks wit Tim Westwood and explains how He BEEN killin 'the game'. In my opinion, he addressed all issues perfectly.

Download: Jay-Z: Tim Westwood Interview (Audio)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Kid Cudi-Make Her Say (Final Cut)

As promised, heres the final version of Cudi's "Make Her Say" video featuring Kanyeezy and Common.

Mah Dude J.Cole- Grown Simba

Like I said be4, This dude is the TRUTH. Hes gna make a healthy addition to the ROC.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Kid Cudi Sneak Peak

Im givin ya'll the hookup...Here's a Sneak Peak at Kid Cudi's new video, "Make Her Say". This video is gna be sooo ill. I cant Wait.

New Releases: Nike Air Trainer III & Stussy Collection

New Stussy Colab: Leilow Hawaii x Stussy Caps & T-Shirt
Nike Air Trainer III "Medecine Ball"
I was runnin' alil behind be4 work so I had to throw sum New heat in at once. Enjoy

Billionaire Boys Club/Ice Cream 2009 July New Releases

Peep the New shit here.

Pac Div

The long awaited Pac Div tape "Church League Champs" has dropped people. Straight FIRE.

Download here.


Hahah Saw this pic floating around so I had to do it. Newayz, Peep the new joint.

Download: Birdshit - Southside [ft. Lil Wayne]


Sooo...a home-girl of mine put me onto this dude Nick Every. Told me he had sum dope ish' coming out and knowing my love for the culture, stressed that I would be feelin' it once I checked him. Mah dude does indeed have quite the ill line up of pieces for his first major clothing collection. Shouts to my girl Kelly Mack aka KDubs and Nick Every for droppin' some smooth shit out the gate. Hope nothing but good things come of your obvious hard work. Peep the Collection here.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Monday, July 13, 2009

Kobe Bryant: “You Ain’t Dunking On Me At My Camp” (Video)


Drake is givin ya'll the Business..
Download: Drake - The Winner

Louis Vuitton “Malle Mars” Apollo 11 Commemoration Trunk

In commemoration of the 40th Anniversary of Apollo 11’s first lunar landing, which takes place on Jul 20th, Louis Vuitton has designed a custom-made “Malle Mars” trunk. The robotic, space age-looking piece opens in multiple places, unveiling a variety of compartments and drawers, fully equipped to carry various essential items.

The trunk will be on display this coming Monday, at the Rose Center for Earth and Space at the American Museum of Natural History, being exhibited with other NASA memorabilia

Outerspace Showcase

Outerspace wasted no time in filling the void left by Bread & Butter Barcelona as the new show took place last week. As the massive sneaker showcase developed, A series of different collectors each contributed a number of their rare gems with some shoes dating back to the 1970’s and covering numerous brands.


Sum Crispy P-Rods set to release..

Purple Codeine Vol. 25

Now look who decided to show up again? And he’s rapping too! Off of Tapemasters Inc. and DJ Envy’s Purple Codeine Vol. 25.
Download- Andre 3000 - Lookin' 4 ya

Cam'ron- Get It [ft. Ma$e]

I love hearing Ma$e's voice on a track, but Cam and Ma$e!!? Thats OD haha
Download Cam'ron - Get It [ft. Ma$e and Da Kid Rossy]

Someone Please Double-Cup Me

Shits ill..
Download here.

Alil' New Fab & Weezy

Scooped a few new tracks from Mr. Weezy F and Fab...
1. Download Lil Wayne - Baseball Sex [ft. Mack Maine]
2. Download Fabolous - Salute [ft. Weezy]
3. Download Fabolous - Imma Do it [ft. Kobe]

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pay Hommage: Richard Avedon

Richard Avedon

Slaughterhouse: The One

August 11th, Get ya minds right!! SLAUGHTERHOUSE

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Smokin' 101

Jay-Z No.1 on Forbes’ Hip Hop’s Cash Kings List

Comparing this with last year’s list is crazy seeing what the Recession has done. Jay went from 82M in 2008 to 35M this year while Curtis dropped from 150M to 20M.
1. Jay-Z - 35 Million
2. Diddy - 30 Million
3. Kanye West - 25 Million
4. 50 Cent - 20 Million (Tie)
4. Akon - 20 Million (Tie)
6. Lil Wayne - 18 Million
7. Timbaland - 17 Million
8. Pharrell - 16 Million
9. T-Pain - 15 Million
10. Eminem - 14 Million

50 Cent: I'll Do Anything

"My shawty got Ass for dayz, Ill smack it, sit and watch it Wave"
He deff OD'd...haha Sucha Fresh video

Official: #37 Artest x LA Lakers

On another Lakers note, We have just recently been blessed. Although Im very upset Ariza peaced out on the Lakers, The LA Dynasty I love so much just grew even bigger with the newest addition of Ron Artest. Probably one of the gulliest ballers I know is now gonna be chillin wit KoBe haha It may be over for everyones Championship Hoop Dreams..

Ransom Valley Lo Joints

Ive neva really been into this style shoe, but I gotta say these Kicks are smooth. Ransom x Adidas Valley Lo joints set to release soon..

Diamond Supply x Know1edge Denim

I been meaning to scoop me sum new denim..

Fitty in Full Force

Once again, My boy FIF provin hes not to be fucked wit..2nd mixtape in a few weeks, Old SKool Flow, and Its a Body! HARDBODY
Download 50 Cent - Forever King

Kobe Bryant x Lil Wayne

I Love it! 2 of my favorite and GREATEST players in the Game.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


So Pap is back on the scene and comin' pretty hard. Although only 2 for 3 on his new tracks, Papoose kills the the two songs that were nice.
Download: Papoose - Realest To Run It
Download: Novel - So Much More [feat. Papoose & Joell Ortiz]

Mr. Hudson x Kid Cudi x Kanye West

Call me old Fashioned but Im just not feeling this Mr. Hudson shit. Figured Id post for the yeezy heads tho..
Download: Mr. Hudson - Everything Is Broken f. KiD CuDi
Download: Mr. Hudson - Anyone But Him f. Kanye West

Agent & Raynge - Minivan f. Camp Lo (Video)

Hilarious. Probably one of my favorite cartoon videos to date...

Patta x Keep 5th Anniv. Boat Shoe

DOPE!! Aiming for a warm and natural looking boat shoe, Patta worked up a new earth tone colorway on the Benten shoe model, from Los Angeles-based footwear company Keep. A part of Patta’s 5th Anniversary Collection, the 100% synthetic suede stays true to Keep’s cruelty free philosophy.

Monday, July 6, 2009


Yo this is actually an ill freestyle from Sean Price and Heltah Skeltah. Comin' off Smif'n'Wessun/Duck Down Records.. Hes sucha a Derrrty Mofucka and I love it haha


If youve seen the Jim Jones 'Day n Nite' remix video, you know who shot this... Check out the first and dopest new artist off Roc Nation, J.COLE presents "Simba" [shot by BBGUN].

Lloyd Banks aka BLUE Heffner

I dnt know if there's any true Unit fans still out there, but after FIF just dropped his new dope-ass mixtape "War Angel"..I been fiendin' for sum old g-Unit. And not to mention I love me Lloyd Banks, Blue Heffner flow.
Download Lloyd Bank$ - Ni**as is Trash here.

Skeme - Til' the Sun come up..

Peep the New track off his upcoming album "Dead Presidents". Download here.

Awwwh Hell Noo

Awhh Hell NO! I kno Im not really watchin this video right now. Game is about to get his career put to sleep more than it already is fuckin wit HOV. I kno NY is chantin "DUMBASS NIGGA" rt now at the game...

LakeHouse aka SlopFest 09'

So my b people, my b...All the dudes went up to Lake Sacandaga for the weekend, and shit got sloppy haha. No service, No computer, So no blog. I got you tho