Sunday, January 10, 2010

CGuNz: Thoughts on Life

So its a new year. 2k10 ya'll. Ive had quite the year in 09', but it was like bad luck followed me everywhere I went. They say bad luck happens in patterns of three and of course the new year has upheld the pattern. Three bad experiences later, Im finally realizing that everything can be looked past and overcome; it just depends on how you handle each situation. This yr is no different. Although Im praying that 2k10 has gotten all my kinks out in just a short week, its time to get on the grind and forget all this bad luck crap. Life is what you make it, you get what you deserve, and what you accomplish in this life is determined by how hard you work at what you want. Figure out what you want and Dont Stop Til' you Get It. New Year. New Beginnings. C-GuNz in full force baby. Lets Get It.